One night stand question

So I went to a party and ended up making out with a guy there. We had both drank a good bit of alcohol. We decided I would go back to his after the party and asking said we would keep it casual and I mentioned that I had a free house for a week in mid November and he should come over and he said yeah enthusiastically, keep in mind I was tipsy.

Anyway I went to his house and we slept together then I went home in the morning and later that day he texted me saying he hoped I got home okay. We then texted for the next week but only one text a day. He stopped texting a few days ago. Our conversation was also like flirty banter.

I still really want to have him over for casual sex but I’m afraid he thinks I didnt mean it cause I was tipsy and i didn’t say it to him at his house.

I was hoping it could get an honest answer about whether it would be weird or not if I texted him in November inviting him over, considering I wont have talked to him or seen him in a month!! Should I follow him on insta closer to the time and then ask??