Well I WAS having the best pregnancy ever


It was going so well. I hadn’t thrown up a single time (which was amazing compared to my first pregnancy full of classic morning sickness). I was energetic, still able to chase around my 16 month old despite the big belly.

But now.. I’m officially 28 weeks today and it’s like a freight train ran over me. Just all at once it all went bad. I’ve thrown up and spent most of the day in bed. Thank goodness the hubby has been chasing after our little one. I can hardly eat anything and feel so weak!!

I’m to the point where I just feel like crying because I feel so horrible! I couldn’t give my little one a bath tonight even. It’s like as soon as I stand up, I get more nauseous!

Anyone else have an easy pregnancy and then BAM third trimester just came out of nowhere like a slap in the face? Really hope this subsides soon and isn’t a sign of the next three solid months!