Dana • Engaged to Tristyn 💑

So yesterday I experienced spotting (very light pink then later brownish discharge). My first reaction was implantation bleeding because I NEVER spot so I took a test this morning with a Walmart cheapie, I swore I saw something forming but didn’t get my hopes up and left it for maybe an hour (I KNOW, anything after 10 minutes should be discarded because it’ll be invalid but this wasn’t an evap, it was bold in color) so I didn’t take that one so seriously and came home tonight to take one and it came up after like a minute but it’s faint. I had a miscarriage a year ago almost to the day so maybe it’s like God telling me that I’m finally ready now! Imma take another test again in the morning to make sure I’m not dreaming and to see if it’s any darker but honestly, I’m so thrilled!! I really hope this is my time!

Top was from this morning, bottom about 30 minutes ago.

Just to make sure there is actually a line, y’all see it right?? I’m not going crazy? My fiancé feels like it isn’t valid because it’s faint but I think he’s just not trying to get his hopes up because of what happened the last time I was pregnant.

EDIT: So I got a blood test today and it was positive so I’m definitely pregnant!