BFP and my symptoms leading up to it.


Hi ladies,

I just wanted to write this post and share my symptoms, and the things I did different this month while TTC, hoping this can help.

I got my BFP 11DPO

I tested at 1pm on a 88 cent cheapie

(I took other ones once I found out)

Honestly the only thing I did different this month was I started taking prenatals the month before. I really believe that helped, as i wasn't the previous months.

The things I noticed...

My sense of smell was INTENSE!

My boobs were still sore 3 days before AF and they ususlly subsided by then.

I was getting headaches in the car.

I woke up one morning and had a blood/metal taste in my mouth, which I never had before.

My taste buds are crazy. I could eat something and swear I could taste everything ingredient in it.

I'm now 15 DPO

The exhaustion is unreal, I'm so tired.

My face has broken out and is real red.

I feel bloated and have pressure.

I feel pulling in my belly button.

I get up 2x to pee at night

I'm so so thirsty.

I really hope this post was able to help and ease some minds. Just remember every woman, body, and pregnancy is different. What may have worked or happened for others might not for you. Baby dust to all!