So me and my so have been trying for our second baby recently. And I have had a lot of confusion these past two months regarding my cycle and a few changes. Looking for any advice.

Last month I was three days late on my period. So I took TWO pregnancy tests (early detection) they both came back with a faint blue line. I have heard a lot about evaporation lines but the lines on the test were definitely colored. I have heard that evaporation lines can’t be colored. A day after I took the tests I started my period. It was a regular flow.

This month comes around and I have been having really bad back pain. I woke up one morning and I was leaking from my left beast (not normal) and my sense of smell has been so good I get migraines from anything that smells strongly. I work in a warehouse and anytime the mechanic sprays grease on the gears I can smell it even if it’s far away.

Maybe it’s just wishful hoping but maybe someone can shed some light on what’s going on.

Has anyone had faint blue lines on two tests and not been pregnant?

Can you get a period if you are pregnant?

- my mother in law said she had her period when she was pregnant with her first child but I don’t know if that’s as normal as people say.

Please help.