discharge after sex for first time - is it normal?

Hi. I’m 16 years old and I lost my virginity on October 15th (Monday) almost two weeks ago. My boyfriend and I have done it 5 times since then, and each time, we obviously used protection, and we made sure to check if there were any rips, holes, or breakage to the condom, and there wasn’t. 4 days after my first time, though, I started getting very very light brown discharge. Then a full week after my first time, I got like this clumpy, clotty dark brown/red discharge? I’m not sure if it was blood clots or not. I know it wasn’t implantation bleeding because it was just clots. Since then I’ve been getting a lot of discharge as well. Is that because I’m having sex so often, and especially because it’s the first time? Last time I got my period was September 22nd, and I still haven’t gotten it. However, I’m always a week to two weeks late. Idk, I’m super paranoid. Can anyone tell me if what I’m going through is normal lol