Baby boy is here!


So my baby boy was born on October 17th at 1:01 PM. 8 lbs 8 oz 21 inches long. 3 days past due. I was induced twice, they both failed. I had no contractions leading up to delivery (besides when the medicine made me contract during induction). He didnt drop at all and I wouldnt dialate past 1. After 9 hours during the 2nd induction we decided to do a c section. I was nervous but thankful that something was finally going to happen. The epidural was horrible. They couldn't find the right spot, I kept getting a shocking numbing feeling through my right leg but they finally got it. The surgery went well though. But I was sad I had to recover over an hour before seeing my baby again. I was only able to see him for a couple minutes when they pulled him out. Then it was even worse when I tried to breast feed not long after going in the room and I had to get sick because the medicine. I didnt feel a connection right away because I wasnt really able to hold him or anything. But after 2 days I was able to go home and bond with him. I'm loving the mom life! After 2 years of trying to conceive I finally did it. My baby boy is here and he is so perfect!