I don‘t orgasm anymore! Is it because of mere need to experience something fresh?

Jen • Endlessly struggling

Hi ladies! I have a huuge problem. The thing is, I’ve been with my bf for 10 months and I love him so much. Our sex was great. Well… we didn’t have complete sex till a month ago, it was quite a challenge to go through my hymen. Previously I could orgasm very easily, even multiple orgasms, even on my period. I never orgasm through clit though. The thing is, normally after a couple weeks I couldn’t orgasm via the current method and we changed it once in a while. ‘Till then everything was alright. Suddenly, I couldn’t orgasm anymore. I enjoyed our sex but just couldn’t. And can’t. Even with him penetrating now, I can’t. I’m also on anti-anxiety medicine, so that could be a reason. But I fear that now that I have experienced everything, nothing is new enough for me to make me come. And it’s a horrible thing! Could it be this? Because I love my bf so much and I don’t want to have to be seeking for something fresh! It’s frustrating.