Help I'm so confused


I'm so confused and frustrated. I'm currently being followed by an RE after a cycle of clomid+trigger.

14dpo my HCG was 13 - I was told it was low and probably not viable

16dpo HCG was 16- not doubling as expected still low told to prepare for eventual miscarriage

18dpo HCG now 34- although now doubling still told not to get my hopes up probably not viable but let's take it day by day.

I go again on Monday for a repeat. I'm told they'll eventually do an ultrasound and may give me a med to promote a miscarriage if my levels don't drop. I've read about some women who had initial low numbers that then went on to carry a healthy baby to term. However idk that their numbers were ever as low as mine are. I know my doctor said not to get my hopes up but it's hard not to wonder what if.anyone have any similar experience how did it turn out? Baby ,miscarriage or ectopic? So confused and upset I don't have any answers at this point