When will it be my turn?


2 years of trying & 2 miscarriages. Watching everyone around me get pregnant, including those who are in relationships with cheaters & aren't financially stable. It's so hard not to be bitter. I just wish it were me. And I hate asking why I'm not good enough. Starting to think the criteria for pregnancy is to have a pos significant other or to be a fricken crack head 🤦‍♀️ (sarcasm, obvs) but I'm going insane. And I shouldn't even be complaining because I know some women have it so much worse. I always feel like I sound conceited when I say I would be an amazing mother, but literally I know I would. It always seems like those who don't need a baby get blessed with one and those who truly deserve one get dealt the shittiest cards. Today I'll pray for all the mommas trying and all those who have lost. So unfair and so difficult. 👼❤🌈