Story Time

Ok pull up a chair this one is a doozey.

Yesterday I was at a little party with my friends and one if my close guy friends and I were flirting. There was always this odd subtle sexual tension between us that neither of us acted on.

Until last night.

We were sat on this big hill behind our friends house playing truth or dare and I asked everyone the same truth.

"Who out of the group would you fuck"

This boy without hesitation said me. Im not even joking I asked it and like .0001 seconds later he pointed to me.

Ok so I used this to my advantage I flirted even harder and so did he. So much to a point were this boy literally picked my up bridal style and started walking around with me.

It was wild!

Ok then towards the end of the night I kept trying to kiss him but he was hesitant for reasons I'll explain soon. Then he gave in and we kissed for a while before I had to leave. It was good ladies I mean woo.

Now we get to the tea...

The reason he was so hesitant was mostly because we are friends but alsooo because..

He may be my ex's best friend.

Yeah. I kissed my ex's best friend.

But we will leave that right there.

Fast forward to the next day I text him after having some time to think. Well, we both like eachothet in a friendly, sexual, non romantic way right. How about being 'friends with benefits'?



I don't want to have sex with him lets get that clear. I just want to makeout and do cute 'coupley' things with him. And this only applies when I'm in town (I live a few hours away).

I talked to him and he's actually down with it.

Yall.. I have a fwb.