He’s awkward about trying oral?


The guy I’m seeing now is really interested in the idea of oral, but too awkward to actually try.

He’s not experienced like at all, only had sex once before me, and never actually done any form of “foreplay” either.

He’s doing more by way of fingering and all so that’s great. Progress 😂

He did sorta try 69 once, and he said it was better than he expected it’d be.

But what I really want is for him to actually just go down on me. To lay back and enjoy it… it’s one of my favourite things 😞

But from what he says it’s like some sort of performance anxiety because it’s just him doing stuff.

But I don’t really care if he’s “good” at it or anything, my ex couldn’t make me cum with it, but it was just relaxing even so.

I’ve told him this but he still feels awkward because of that and I don’t know what to do…