Things I wish I’d known.....


1. Forget the concept that night=sleep and day=awake. You have a newborn and now live in a constant state of sleep deprivation and scattered naps. Add on the joys of sweaty hot flashes, engorgement, and giant pads, and you’ll be missing that uncomfortable pregnancy sleep you complained so much about. 😴

2. Visitors are the worse. You’re tempted to show off your baby, but when a visitor stays for an hour you’ve now missed an hour window to either eat, sleep, shower, pump, or sleep. That or you’re trying to awkwardly breastfeed your screaming baby under a cover (which makes both of you very sweaty and uncomfortable). It’s great to “accept help” but good luck finding anything someone can help with with other than just dropping of meals and then kindly leaving.

3. Buy more diapers.

4. Stitches HURT. And they itch. Try all the home remedies, take the ibuprofen you’ve missed for so long, and actually rest like they tell you. And don’t skip the stool softeners.

5. Mothers intuition is a real thing. If you think “that’s a hungry cry” even though they just ate, you’re probably right. If you think they’re uncomfortable because they’re warm, you’re probably right. If you think you know what they need, YOU’RE RIGHT, because you’re the mom and somehow you just know.

6. They love you and you love them and it’s kind of the best feeling in the world. ☺️

-FTM. Two weeks postpartum.

Share what you wish you’d known below since I know there’s so much more I don’t even know yet! 😂