Does anybody else think they never going find a boyfriend or true love in High school?

Bc I do.. I think it bc my don’t have big boobs, or big butt .. I mean i got thighs is it bc don’t got the right face or bc I don’t have long natural hair or I don’t have shoe game or wear all the good stuff I mean I try but it feel like I’m changing my self for sumbody else or tha probably don’t like me

Or I’m always getting fuck or played over bc I’m to nice to boys so they think it’s easy to things w/ me ..which is true bc I need to stop && put my guard down

I’m 15 year old in the 9th grade && never I have a boyfriend in my life which is sad bc my sister & little sister had more boyfriends than me &&

My cousins think I’m gay bc I never talk to nb

Just god bring me sb for Christmas I say it is a Christmas gift 😂💕🤷🏽‍♀️ I got more to say but i don’t want this to long 😭

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