I'm Just wondering if anyone else has a really bad in law? My husbands mother is a nightmare! She treated our wedding like a funeral. Even guests were noticing. She spread vicious rumors about my husband and I. She always tells hubby that he isn't a man and she tried to get his sisters boyfriends to beat him up (weird). When we were in highschool I would go over for dinner to see him and his mom would tell him to date other woman in front of me! She would list names and reasons why they are better then me. Right to my face. She once got her 12 year old son to cuss me out over facebook. When my husband was 17 he ran away from her because she was being so abusive. When he came to live with us his mom said I made him run away and my mom if forcing us to have a baby so she can have grand kids before she dies. (That's just twisted, my mom has a heart disease so she's telling people my mom is dying and that's not true). When my hubby graduate high school he went into the marines and the day he was leaving for bootcamp she made a big scene! Then on his graduation, a day that was supposed to be about him, she started a fight with my family! The worst part is I tried my hardest to make her not be mean! I used to do her dishes, babysit her kids, and clean her house! And she sure never complained, her very overweight butt when I was taking care of her house. But she didn't have a problem telling people behind my back she hates me and her son. Anyways I could go on all day about the bad things she has done, but I want to hear some of your stories.

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