My doctor is the worst.

I waited an hour for him today, he came in the room for 4 minutes top, he let me get one thing in, then said he'd be right back after getting my papers for my lab work, and he sent the nurse in instead and my appointment was over. He didn't even address any of my issues that I brought up to the nurse and watched her write down on the paper for him. My nasal passages have been swollen for almost 2 weeks now and I'm getting sick of this! I've tried Benadryl, a sinus medicine, and something called netirinse and I've gotten no relief. He's only in the office that I see him at once a week. And it's impossible to get ahold of him otherwise. Last time I tried, I ended up waiting almost 4 hours and didn't even speak to him. They had to direct me to different ObGyn.  This shit is ridiculous!