Need advice and some peace of mind please 😭

Kalena β€’ First time mother ☺️
I'm currently 15weeks and 4days pregnant. But I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was halfway through the 12week mark. So I haven't been taking my prenatal vitamins all that time. I didn't get to see my doctor till about 13 weeks and I was stupid and didn't think to take prenatal vitamins (this is my first pregnancy and no one told me anything) so I've only started taking them the past 2 weeks of being pregnant. So I'm wondering if that's going to hurt my baby and it's health at all? I've been healthy so there has been no complications really. But I just want to know other opinions..Β 
Why are prenatals so important anyways? No negative comments please because I honestly don't know. I would ask my doctor but it's hard to get an appointment in with her and I'm not scheduled to see her again till the beginning of next month. Thanks ladies πŸ’•