You, me, and Dupree rant/advice

Stephanie • I'm married and blessed with a two rainbow boys! A baby on the way & 3 babies in heaven.
My husbands college friend is going through a divorce and hard times. So we opened our doors and let him move in while he got his feet back on the ground. I'm almost 12wks pregnant and I've been getting very moody. Tonight his friend complains at me because I hog my husband and never let them hang out. I am not the type of girl who cares if the person I am with hangs out with friends. However, I am on bed rest and have been for over a month. My husband brought the TV into our bedroom so I can at least watch tv. His friends idea of hanging out is watching Star Trek all day.. He has no job so that's all he wants to do. I told them both they can hang out and watch tv in his room since I can't go anywhere, but I would like SOME time with my husband. He is acting like I'm a bitchy wife And controlling. I feel like he is wanting my husbands attention 110% like he had when they were in college. What should I do???
Also I'm sorry this post was long.