Maybe it's was wrong of me.

shawn • Mom of 2. My family is everything.
My boyfriend and I have been together almost 10 months. And we moved to Utah from Minnesota because Utah is my home town I ended up asking if he wanted to go with and he said yes. But now since we got here he's just been rude none stop, and I keep putting it aside because I know how stressed he is. But today I had enough and I was a snotty bitch back. Because I've done nothing but try and be there for him and do whatever he needs, amd he knows I hate it when he tells to figure it out and I'm already trying. He said sorry for being the way he had the last week though. He says he needs to take out hid frustration somehow and I said he'll push me away doing shit like that. Should I have not asked him to come with me? Was I selfish for wanting to be with him and asking?