My BF said hes done and is moving out at end of month...what should i do?


This is a hard poll... Quick over view.. I have known him for 16 a little over a year.. Loving together 6 months now... He works insane hours is up at 3am and is waiting to get a permanent position closer to home. With all that he is STRESDED everyday..mentally physically and financially! Driving with tolls alone in NY is about $400 a month! And while trying TTC its the last thing on his mind since he was given news Sunday his dad has to get a brain tumor removed ASAP. Since living together we have been stressed out since we are both away from family n friends( an hour away) and money has been VERY tight! We can argue about the smallest thing and its WW3 last night he said he is done, he will be moving out this month. And slept on the couch... I'm at a loss right now! I have loved before and got heartbroken but with him its different...I know in my gut he is the one and he is the sweetest guy and treats me perfectly but the past week he is NOT himself. And I'm his reasoning.

Wat do I do ladies! Please help me. I can't figure out if I let go and see what happens or move on

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