TMI!!! Coconut oil to help dilate and prevent tearing.

Jené • 23 years old married, mommy to a beautiful daughter 12-22-13 and handsome son 9-8-15.💜💙
So my cousin told me my first pregnancy to wash my hands and put coconut oil on a few fingers and rub it on the skin between my vagina an anus to help prevent tearing. An that if I put a whole finger length with the coconut oil on it in my vagina that it will help me to dilate. Well I only did it a few days then had my daughter. Well I've been doing it every other day this pregnancy since I turned 36 weeks. I'm only 36+3 weeks so not wanting him to come to soon. I'm just curious has anyone else heard this also and done it an helped or did I just get lucky with my first?