Obama care

Kitty • Living with PCOS. Mom of THREE boys Jayden💙Ethan💙 Logan💙
Sorry but any form of government insurance hands down fucking sucks! I have always been on Medicaid/low income insurance all of my life even now as an adult because I just don't make enough to get better insurance. But living where I live and having Obama care makes me beyond upset. The doctors are crappy, the offices are worse and so are their staff. They treat you so differently when you are one of these holders vs private insurance. In the year that I had been to one clinic they had changed my doctor 10 times. Even with a chart you are forced to tell your story again. I went to a private doctor and because he saw the insurance I had I ended up waitin longer and was only attendes to within 5 mins vs the 30 mins those before me got. I struggled with my insurance for months to find me a better clinic and nothing. Sorry for the long rant but I just can't stand the treatment