Boyfriends lying.

This might sound absolutely ridiculous but I think my boyfriends lying!

So he was asleep, and his phone was vibrating as someone kept ringing him. His phone was plugged into my charger and I had 2% so I took it out and just happened to notice a text off someone called Hannah.

I never mentioned it when he woke up. He asked me to pass his phone so I did. He obviously knew I’d seen the text of another girl and kept asking what’s wrong? What’s wrong? Every second as I didn’t want to speak to him and wouldn’t answer.

So then I said I seen a text off some girl called Hannah, to which then he said it was his friends girlfriend and he doesn’t have her number saved as it just comes up as a random number.

I swear to god I seen the name Hannah, I wouldn’t make that up but he’s now making out that it always comes up as her number not her name. But I know what I seen!!!?