Quitting a job

I got a job Friday evening, started Monday. Right away I didn't like it, they would be paying me $5 an hour, they didn't ask me for my social, I didn't fill out an application, the work schedules were hand written on a notebook, cash register didn't work well so they did everything with a calculator, the manager made sure I knew I had to go dressed nicely but she's to lazy so she doesn't have too, everything was just unorganized. She told me I was off Tuesday but I worked Wednesday - Sunday, the manager never called me so I didn't have her number and the place doesn't have a phone so today(my second day) I just didn't show up, couldn't tell her I have no number to get in contact, I'm not about to drive overthere and come back home. Did I do the right thing? Or was I wrong? I'm confused now.