🚨Sex Talk . ✨ Q-A

I jus turned 19 and my boyfriend of 1+ yrs always wants to fuck ( period or not ) . I told him a couple months ago that if he didn’t let me want it once in a while , then I may not wanna fck . ( Jus bc of my past relationship experience )

In my past relationship of 1+ yrs I stopped feeling the sex drive about half way in the relationship and idk wht it is .

I’m young . My sex drive should be out the fucking roof , ready or not ( I feel )

Any ideas ? I wanna be able to fuck like a wild rabbit everyday with my boyfriend ( and I feel bad like I don’t give him enough . like sucking his d*** at random or turning him on in other ways )

HELP A B**** out . I want to feel like I would if I was having a one night stand dammit 😂