Choking on the bottle

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Does anyone else’s baby choke on the bottle too? My daughter is on 0 size nipples now and still chokes. I think it started when she was about 3 weeks old (she’s 10 weeks now) her pediatrician suggests adding a tiny bit of rice cereal to thicken her milk to see if that helps. Husband did research and doesn’t like that she’s not old enough for it and the effects that could happen on her tummy. But when I went back for her next checkup last week I told her that and that we hadn’t tried but she was still choking and she continued to suggest it still and said that they give preemie babies in the hospital milk mixed with the rice cereal. I just want my daughter to stop choking. Tonight she choked worse than she has before and it scared me. Does anyone else have this problem and what helped? What did your pediatrician suggest? Also she only drinks breastmilk.