Stalking and harassment

My ex boyfriend's ex-wife will not stop harassing me. Even though we're not together, he still will not go back to her. So she blames me. She made up a Facebook page under his name. she's currently using my photograph. I called the police for advice two different times now. I have 19 different phone numbers that are blocked because she makes up new ones. I had to put my phone on airplane mode last night so she would leave me alone. Since I stopped reading her messages, she decided to send my father my mother and my brother messages. With wild accusations about how I stole her husband and I ruined her life. I have to be at work in an hour, and my phone is blowing up because she started some kind of crazy shitstorm.


She is now reaching out to estranged family. Threatening to message my boss as well. I spoke to her (boss)already and she told me I dont have to worry about my job. My family is freaking out. They were seperated before we even got together. I deleted my social media over a year ago because of her. This has been going on for 3 years.

Changed my number. Had the same number for 15 years. She did go ahead and message my boss.