Implantation bleeding

Jamie • Army wife👫 RN💉👩🏼‍⚕️ #1 and #2 👼👼6/6/19

Okay ladies tell me what you’ve experienced! Background on me: I’m cd 37 my norm is around 32-35. I had positive opks around 10/22 making this exactly 14dpo. Today I woke to slight cramps thinking normal period was going to follow. I have endometriosis so my periods are normally heavy and painful. Well I woke at 530 went to pee wiped and got a teeny tiny pink drop on tp so laid back down until 630 went to bathroom again wiped seen another teeny bit of pink so put a light tampon in just Incase and got ready for work. Norm when my period comes by the time I spot I’m cramping so bad I can’t function. So me going to work is huge. I’m a nurse so I have to be able to be on top of it and when I’m in super pain like that it’s next to impossible. Any way left tampon in until lunch and when went to take it out ladies there was maybe a quarter size amount of brown blood on it!! Could this be it??? Is this implantation???

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