Mixed feelings


Just now I received the news of my BFP!! I'm extremely happy...

My mixed feelings are...you see my sister passed away on July 20th... my husband and I had intercourse on the 18th during ovulation... the peak of it was during my sister's funeral. ..on the 22 23... I was extremely sad and of course in shock and everything that is normal qhen a loved one passes away.

I took advantage of my sister being "my Angel" and asked her to help me conceive because I want a girl so I can call her after my sister.

Today when I found out I cried of happiness and sadness because she won't be here physically to love my baby and go crazy and kiss and hug my baby a lot like she used to do with all of her nieces and nephews. I miss my sister like crazy...I cry everyday...life goes on and I'm trying to keep going for my children and my husband and for myself... Oh my God!...she would be screaming and crying of happiness for me right now!

I love you sis! Miss you everyday but I know you're with me and you know I'm prego...