I don't know what to think..

I honestly don't know what to think. My boyfriend went to town but he didn't tell me he was in town tell me was telling me he was going to come over like the first picture. It took his a little over and hour to answer me after town ( where he was ) was less then 20 minutes away, he said he had to help his mom so I believed him and he also said his phone got too hot and wouldn't turn on so after it had been two hours since he said he was coming over and he didn't even stay he said we are going to his house so we did, and when his mom got home she was asking what had done all day and I wasn't him about it after he took me home because from how she was talking she didn't seem him all day. So I asked him if he was or if how she was talking I just miss understood or something or if he was lying being it felt like he was and all he said was what was in the 2nd photo then he refused to talk about it anymore and got mad at me. ADDING THIS IN BECAUSE IT MAY HELP some times he says he's at work and starting earlier then his sift like some time 1-2 hours earlier and he always texts me right after work but lately he doesn't text me tell around 7-8 and his work closes at 6 sharp and there's nothing he would be doing there after ( he works at kal tire ) I don't know what to think i am very worried