What are the chances I'm pregnant ?

Hi! I had protected sex on July 17th, took the morningafter pill July 18th. I then had protected sex again on the 23rd, but took another morning after pill the day after because of a scare. My period was supposed to start the 22nd, but never did. I had some slight spotting in the week after. I took a pregnancy test on August 2nd, which read negative. On August 3rd, what I believe to have been a period started (I usually have brown blood) and it was brown, but then turned to bright red and then brown all until the 8th. Since then I have had stomach noises, gas, have been bloated, and am really scared that that was just implanation bleeding. I am now freaking out because I've read that those noises could be signs of pregnancy along with the bloating. How worried should I be after 2 pills? 

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