I will never forget it...

Bethany • Hey everyone, Im bethany. Im 24 & from Oregon. I have lots of medical issues & was adopted at 2 yrs old.
This is my story from school... One day while in job corps my fiance Cameron was sick so i decided to hang out with my friend Parker. We had talked for a while then things started to turn... He grabbed me and sat me down at the table in the kitchen. He then went & locked the door and shut off the lights. He came back over to me trying to put his hands under my clothes. He kept pulling me to him as i pushed away... Thankfully someone tried coming in. Knowing he would get in trouble he turned the lights on & opened the door. My friends walked in and saw something was wrong. I was scared. They started talking to me and i told him i was tired then went to my room. 
I began texting cameron and told him to meet up with me. When i explained what happened he got very mad then held me as i cried. The next day i went to the security office & told the head officer what happened. He talked to parker after who said i started it all. The officer believed him over me... He told me i had to do 30 hours of community service on campus plus go to a healthy relationship class. My first day there i told the counselor what happened. She got me out of the class and into a counseling group for women who have been raped/molested. Parker's last name does suit him well... His last name is Harm... It took all cameron's strength not to hurt/kill parker or punch the officer.