Jaundice! Please be aware 😣😥


Our little boy was born Thursday 1st November. We were allowed home later the same day after being checked by he midwife and paediatrician. He was doing fine, feeding randomly though but nothing to be too concerned about. However, we noticed he started to look abit jaundice on Sunday. The midwife was coming the same day so we waited for her advice. She mentioned as his eyes were yellow she would call the paediatrician and ask us to go in to be checked. We got to the hospital and they started him immediately on a small blue light while they waited for blood results. An hour later, they came in and swooped him away from us and straight onto the special care baby unit. They started him on antibiotics, 4 jaundice lights and pumped fluids into him. His levels were so high they weren’t sure if to do a blood transfusion. It was terrifying 😥 we are still here 5 days later waiting for his levels to reduce.

Anyway, I wanted to share my story to warn others about the dangers. My baby didn’t look super yellow, nor did he show many signs of how poorly he was. Please be vigilant when it comes to jaundice. Contact your midwife/health care providers if you are even a tiny bit worried about your baby’s skin colour. Our little boy would have been in a very dangerous situation if he hadn’t been admitted to hospital that day.

Stay vigilant 💗