Baby shower stress!!!!

Where do I even start?! Ugh! My baby shower is this Saturday and so far my MIL is the worst hostess EVER! She's been planning my shower since May and gathering all these ideas from Pinterest BUT she hasn't hardly let me or my husband make any of the decisions! My husband threw in some ideas for themes that I also agreed would be cute but his mom literally told him that he has no place in this. How does he have no place in this? He's the father of this baby! He most certainly does have a place in this! She let me choose the theme but only after she agreed that it was cute but the only decision I was allowed to make after that was what foods I would like to have and the people I wanted to invite. HOWEVER, she tore my food list apart and now there's only a few items on there that I actually chose. The rest were her ideas AND she gave us a list of people to invite that neither of us originally planned to invite AND they're people that I don't even know! She totally made this thing about her! On top of that, isn't the host/hostess supposed to pay for the party? Well, my husband and I have to pay for EVERYTHING. So not only has she made all the decisions, we also are paying for her decisions. Every time I make a suggestion she looks at me like I'm stupid. And plus we're on a major budget here. I didn't plan to spend over $200 on my baby shower but that doesn't matter to her. If she doesn't have things her way she throws the BIGGEST temper tantrum! That's actually the reason she didn't come to our wedding and lied to us by saying not to invite anyone else in his family either because they already said they don't want to go. All because she didn't get to plan it! I barely have any family so we had a total of 8 guests and had to get married at the courthouse! That's how bad she gets when it isn't done HER way! Our baby shower is this Saturday and she has made sooo many last minute changes. The location, the time, the food, the favors, the games. EVERYTHING has changed and I'm always the last person to hear about it. But we still end up forking out the money for it!!! OMG I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO STRESS THIS MUCH OVER A FREAKING BABY SHOWER! Okay done. Thanks for reading.