🌵Wallflower Rant 🌵

So...I’m a high schooler and I’ve liked this boy for about a year now. ( he goes to my school and I also in the same year) I’m very shy and awkward nerdy girl. I’ve only dated two guys and they were both not so great relationships and also were not in person. I’ve never had a real conversation with the boy I go to school with and I’m scared to go up to talk to him. My few friends have tried to push me and try to get me to talk to him many times because they think we’d get along well. He’s always been a gentleman and is a very smart and funny guy. We have a lot in common. Since this year has started we’ve been giving each other anonymous looks during the blocks we share. I don’t want to mess anything up by talking to him or something strange but I’d like to try and get to know him better and see where it goes. I just don’t know how I should go about that or if I even should. I like him a lot and I’m sure that sounds very teenage girl thing. There’s also a girl in some of my classes and she rubs it in my face that they’re friends and flirts with him. It don’t seem to get to him but I don’t know. I’m just not sure how to get myself out there. He’s in a very different group than I am. Anyone got any advice?