Divorce Advice ??

My parents are getting a divorce and my dad is offering my mom around 30-40 thousand to leave but my mom says she wants the house we’re living in but the house is under my step sisters name so technically that’s off the list but my dad doesn’t want to include lawyer but my mom does so they’re going to end up going to court and they’re going to bring me in it obviously ( It’s a long story) 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️😪 and well what do I guys think ?

Is my dads offer fair ? I just want to see different perspective because I don’t know

What advice would u give my mom?

This goes way back because my aunt told my dad that my mom was trying to poison his kids ( my step sisters) which wasn’t true and he believed it and basically he let other people interviene in the relashionship and now my dad is with my step sisters cousin and you could imagine the disgust my mom and step sister must feel

But anyways that’s just a little part 😬

Any advice or what to expect in the court room ?

What is something reasonable my mom can ask for ?

What should she say/do?

Is there even a case😂