i finally stopped.

I finally stopped.

i stopped tracking.

i stopped taking my bbt.

i stopped checking cervix.

i stopped checking cm.

i stopped taking what it feels like hundreds of pregnancy test every month.

i stopped doing using opks twice a day, EVERY DAY for a week out of the month.

i stopped mourning constantly over my child i lost 6 months ago.

i stopped wasting my time, worrying, crying, begging God for something. i got the strength to let it go, and let God. i couldn’t do this to myself anymore, it was exhausting. i so tired of hiding from the truth, that it will not happen on my time. a miscarriage changes you, in the absolute worst way. it breaks you down to your core, until you’re a hollow shell with nothing inside but empty emotions that you cannot run away from. it hurts, it hurts like hell.