Did I have an orgasm?

So first things first, I’m 20 years old and I’ve sex plenty of times. I’ve never had an orgasam from having sex though. My ex bf would eat me out, I would not cum, my ex and I would have penetrating sex, I would not cum, we did a lot of things and I WOULD NOT CUM. To make matters worst, I can’t even find my clit 🙁 so one day I was up watching porn and I was super turned on by it, then before I knew it I started feeling a slight thumping sensation around the top of my vulva, my legs shook a little, and I had a strange feeling in the bottom of the stomach. I tried watching porn again later on that week to see if it would happen again but it didn’t. I tried numerous times to masturbate but I can’t find my clit. I’m overweight so could that be a factor of why I can’t find it? But my two questions are, did I have an orgasm and how do I find my clit to make it happen again?