Husband and MIL pressuring me..


My MIL has a cat that my husband has grew up with since childhood. Now that we’re “living together” (separate entrances and floors), they want us to have our own litter box for when the cat comes to our house. The cat loves to visit when she’s let out but she’s shit and pissed a few times in our spare room and the smell was horrendous. I refuse to get one because 1. When we had to watch the cats before when she was on vacation, my husband barely cleaned the litter box 2. They tread the litter around the hallway and I hated feeling it on my bare feet and having to sweep it so often 3. I can’t stand the smell 4. I already have to be on his ass about cleaning up his beer cans and other messes that I most of the time end up cleaning up and adding another chore is going to piss me off

Now my husband and his mom are practically ganging up on me about it and he’s even gone as far as to calling me cold hearted..

I’m not saying don’t let the cat in the house, im just sayin if we have to go anywhere just bring the cat back home so it doesn’t pee/poo here. And why is the cat even being let out in the winter time for us to even get a litter box soon??

Sorry for the long post..what are your guys’ thoughts? Do you think I need to give him a chance with the litter box? Keep in mind he says he’s going to do a lot of thing but barely keeps his word so that’s why I’m iffy when he says he’ll clean it.