Talking/Acting a Race

MariasMommy👶🏽👑 • 08.29.13 when I met my King 💯❤️ 12.17.15 when we met our princess 👶🏽👑
I'm so sick of seeing and hearing people say "You're white stop talking black" "You act so black" "You need to start acting your race" HOW DO YOU ACT OR TALK A RACE?! I was raised in a very urban community, I have urban vocabulary mostly and use slang (when around friends only). I guess because a white person wants to talk using slang and act tough and listen to rap apparently they are acting black. How?! And I've seen black people be called "white" for speaking proper?! My child will be bi-racial (white,Spanish,black) and I'm so sick of shit like this existing! What are your thoughts? Can you or can you not talk/act a race. PLEASE ALSO COMMENT WHY. 

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