Karma is so sweet

Beth • ~~~♡♡Let`s Roll♡♡~~~

Last year I was being bullied at work everyday by my boss. She was pushing not only me but others out the door with her attitude, demeaner and general way she acted towards me. It was getting bad. I talked to her and HR about it and of course nothing happens. It got to the point that everyday I would come home crying and stressed oit. My psoriasis was so bad that it was spreading to my neck and face....finally one tuesday I had a nervous breakdown and quit. I wrote a letter to my corporate office about what was going on...I kept emails that she wrote me and forwarded them as well. I wasn't the only one who quit. 10 of us did in a matter of 6 months.

Well today I guess we all got vindicated. The boss "Resigned" from her job. She was only there for a year. When I was told...I smiled only becuase When I was leaving the office I told her to watch it becuase head office will catch wind of how she treats others...she said who will tell em you and who else? And now we're here...Karma eh?