Give me strength... and advise.


So I've been seeing someone for just over a month. We text every day, even if it's not until he's off work or out of rehearsal/gigs, and we have seen each other a couple times a week since about a week in. We had fooled around a little on two occasions, but didn't actually have sex because I was on the period from hell (28 days 🙄) and he was such a trooper. That's a lot for a guy to contend with.

He said initially that he didn't know if we would be serious because he is a musician and he has a very unpredictable schedule and he didn't want it to be unfair to me because he was always so busy.

Despite that, he has continued to stick it out- taking me on dates and paying for everything, being a gentleman with doors and even making sure I didn't fall on the ice the other night, and being patient about the sex thing.

So Friday we went out and had dinner and went and had drinks and played games at the arcade/bar and he was very boyfriendy while out, minus pda- he doesn't like it. We got back to his place and had a snack and went to bed and I initiated sex because my period finally ended earlier in the week.

Here's where I'm confused. He was fine with us going to bed together, not knowing if he was even going to get sex. He also is a big stickler about condoms and didn't use one- he pulled out. He cuddled me all night and we sat around together for almost an hour after some morning sex. He made a point of saying he enjoyed himself in bed. He kissed me goodbye and said he'd text me later when I left. I still haven't gotten a message and it's been almost 2 days...

He is busy on the weekends: he had 2 rehearsals on Saturday, if I remember correctly, and he plays multiple services at a Baptist church in town every Sunday, plus any additional gigs after church that come up. I really struggle with patience so this is good for me, but radio silence messes with my head so badly. I'm so conditioned to think that if someone isn't talking they're not interested from bad past experiences. I'm making an effort to not bombard him but I'm genuinely scared that he's changed his mind now. I need some advice on how to stay patient and not think to much on it while I wait it out. Also, how long is too long? Everything he's shown me has pointed towards something real and worthwhile, yet now after finally sleeping together it goes quiet. Help me 😣