Two big fluid filled sacs in ONE ovary?


My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost a year with ZERO luck. So in When I missed my period in September we were excited that I’d be pregnant! Unfortunately I took test after test and they were all NEGATIVE. 30 days passed and no period. The 40 and no period. I also started feeling pain in my lower right side. After feeling off and bad pain I ended up in immediate care (walk in clinic) where they tests me for pregnancy, and appendicitis. They told me that if it was my appendix to go home and wait to see if it ruptured and if it did to go the Er. A week after the pain was still there, and I still felt off. So I ended up making an appointment. A week passed and I went, my OB checked me and scheduled an ultrasound, two weeks later I went and got it done.(on Friday) mind you I’ve been feeling off for so long, with pain that seems to get worse. So the lady did the ultrasound and on one ovary (the one that hurts constantly) I have two “fluid filled sacs” which she took measurements of. She didn’t tell me much but I saw. There were also a lot of little sacs, she took took measurements of “the big ones” and that was that. But I feel so terrible and I feel everything is going at a snails pace. I don’t know what to do. I feel so defeated and pained. 😞 has this happened to anyone? I’m getting a call tomorrow. From a doctor who’ll tell me exactly what they saw in the ultrasound and what happens next.