Should I snoop or trust him? HELP


So, a few weeks ago, I got on my boyfriends phone, (not to snoop but to take selfies for him to keep) and a notification popped up and I slid over to tell him, there wasn’t one, but I noticed his messages list was really short like he had been deleting convos. So I went to his friend list and noticed a girl that was one of his friends (even though I know she is in love with him because two months into our relationship he went to a party and I was home and I trust him and was fine with it but she didn’t know about me and posted a pic of them, not close together but still a pic, with hearts all over it) was not on his messages list when she just snapped him a few weeks prior to this time. I tapped on her name to see if he unadded or blocked her bc they were friends. And they had a whole conversation. It was pages long and I didn’t read a word except for my name. I got really upset and went outside for a little, when I came back in, he was upset bc he thought I was mad at him for something. Well, I told him about my accident snoop and he wasn’t mad at all, he apologized and told me what the messages said (and they were about me according to him) but never let me seen them (but offered) So, He is with me everyday, at home, gym, or work. Well, a few days ago she came into our relationship again and finally I grew petty enough (and he told me to do this in the beginning of our relationship) and blocked her. But before I did, I was finally gonna see the messages and he snatched his phone out of my hand, blocked her, and snapped at me saying I should trust him........

I sat there like WTF. What just happened? Then, he had the nerve to jump my ass saying that he has done nothing to break my trust and I have no right. Ummm. What you just did, yes sir that right there, broke my trust. Umm. If the messages are nothing (KEEP IN MIND THEY ARE ABOUT ME) then why can’t I see them? I wasn’t being sneaky, I was right in front of him with permission to be on his phone to block her but I wanted to see the messages. So now I am at a juncture. What should I do? Snoop? Trust him? Talk to him? I just don’t know . Because I have trusted him with my all for three years and he acted out and it was quite suspicious..... HELP

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