Workplace stress


Hello lovely people,

I’m really struggling at the moment. My team at work is going through some major changes right now, our team leader left in September and the other manager who was acting team leader leaves too on Wednesday.

My immediate manager is on a year-long secondment to a different team in the organisation and I didn’t get the promotion to cover her. The woman who did is not an easy person to work with, but she said the right things in the interview and wasn’t fighting morning sickness at the time (it’s such a bitch!). My new manager is making things really difficult for me at work, they know I’m pregnant so they know I should be avoiding stress, but she undermines me at every turn and makes me feel really small. I phoned in sick last Friday because I couldn’t face going to work and every day I worked last week she made me cry (I managed to not cry in front of her). Other people don’t find her approachable or helpful either, so they come to me for things they should go to her with. This means I’m left doing all my work (sometimes twice because she makes me go over it so many times), some of her work and extra things that more senior people ask me to do. I don’t want to have to quit work, but I can’t cope with this much longer.

Has anyone got any advice for how to cope, or what you’ve done in similar situations?