Implantation bleeding??


Okay soooo I can’t figure what the hell is going on with me. I had sex the entire week of ovulation according to this site. I was due for my period at 12 dpo it ended up showing up at 14 dpo but it was more like dark brown discharge. That only lasted a day and a half. I took a test on 12 dpo and it was faint but could’ve been evap lines. I brushed that test off because I assumed my period showed up. My periods are like clock work. I’m never late, they’re usually pretty heavy and I always bleed for 5 days. I’m so confused. Today would be 18 dpo and my “symptoms” are peeing a lot, sore boobs and moody/emotional. I can’t test until later today so this is just for piece of mind I guess.

I hope everyone can make sense of all of this. I know it’s a lot of info.

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