Help! I can’t take any birth control!


so i have chronic migraines so i can’t take any birth control methods with estrogen in it..

so it comes down to: mini pill, depo, iud, implant

-i was on depo for 4 years and by far the worst thing i’ve ever done to myself. i had severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression the entire time. along with insane bone density loss and i never had a period (which was great, but i’m sure my body was all sorts messed up)

-mini pill, i’ve been on it for over 3 months now and have not stopped bleeding! my gyno said that is not normal and i should get off of it.. i’m considering staying on it for a little longer to see if i will stop bleeding eventually, but i am experiencing anxiety and depression again :(

-iud and implant i haven’t used but i’m not interested in putting something in my body like that — plus, the reason why i took the mini pill was bc it had the least amount of hormones and i’ve learned i don’t respond well (from depo) with a lot of hormones.. so i thought mini pill would be the best option but i won’t stop bleeding and experiencing all the anxiety/depression..

what would you do? i feel so lost. i’m not sure i can do anything but use condoms as my only protection (or abstinence, but that’s not really what i want either lol)

im in a new relationship and he knows about all of this, he thinks we should just use condoms and i shouldn’t have to experience all the negative effects that birth control has on me daily, but we also are definitely not interested in having kids...

**please note i’ve already seen a gyno, i’m just looking for other suggestions/idea/support.. as this has been an awful and emotional journey for me.