Explain your morning sickness

Lele • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧mom to two beautiful daughters 10/25/16 & 6/13/19👧🏼Two angel babies👼🏼 08/18 👼🏼 09/18

With my first daughter I would get sick to certain smells, not just be nauseous all the time. This time around, I find myself feeling dehydrated and nauseous from the feeling of being dehydrated even though I’m drinking 6-7 24 oz cups of water a day and couldn’t possibly be dehydrated. Anyone else have this same feeling? My close friend said this is what hers was like with her daughter. It’s such a weird feeling. Like all the sudden I’m weak and have to binge drink a huge cup of water to make the feeling go away. I’m 6w4d.

What’s your morning sickness like?