Pregnant and not feeling confident

Okay so I’m close to 23 weeks pregnant with my son, and lately I have just been feeling really down. I notice my body changing and I get quite uncomfortable, I am starting to notice my attitude changing as well. I’m also normally not the jealous type but lately it’s been bad. I’m pretty secure in my marriage and I don’t think my husband would do anything but because of past relationships and my low confidence I’m starting to become worried. I have noticed he had starting bringing up a co workers name a lot. Talking about joking with her and how she’s a gamer and they talk about playing video games together. Well tonight he asked me if I could give her a ride home, I said no. And left it at that. This woman makes me uncomfortable.

Am I in the wrong? It’s not like I can really help feeling this way :( and I feel like a garbage person for it.