Any ideas...?

My boyfriend and I are having a real hard time in our relationship, things have been... off. This all started with the argument a week ago about him telling me to leave his house etc (from a recent post). Any who, we usually have sex 2-5 times a day and he was always wanting me when I’d go over, here lately he hasn’t been like that. We didn’t have sex for 6 days before I decided to just ride him when we’re falling asleep and even then he barely had any response to it. He’s been pretty mean and distant this past week and I don’t know why, he won’t talk to me about it. Earlier today he told me 4 times that he didn’t love me and then followed it by “I’m just kidding you know I love you”. Last night he asked me to come and cuddle, so I went over and as soon as I got in bed he turned his back to me and didn’t wanna touch me. I just don’t know what’s going on? Do your men get like this sometimes? Any ideas?